Monday, 2. October 2017
Westweg Part 11 + 12

Stage Eleven

Last Wednesday we continued the Westweg from Hasel, where we stopped last year. After we started we had some problem to find the entrance to the Westweg but after a few detours we were back on track. Part 11 of the Westweg ends in Degerfelden, but our hotel was in Rheinfelden - Herten. The last part to the hotel takes much, much longer as expected. When we reached our goal we were really tired - at last our today's tour was over 35 kilomenter (with detours).

Stage Twelf

The goal of the last part was Basel, Switzerland. This tour was about 15 kilometers, followed by a 11 kilometer sightseeing trip through Old Town of Basel with its wonderful town hall. In the evening we went back by train to our hotel in Rheinfelden-Herten.

On Friday we took the train to Beugen to hike back to Hasel, where we placed our car two days ago. Near Nordschwaben we were back on the Westweg and followed it till Hasel.

Westweg Part 10

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