Monday, 2. October 2017
Westweg Part 11 + 12

Stage Eleven

Last Wednesday we continued the Westweg from Hasel, where we stopped last year. After we started we had some problem to find the entrance to the Westweg but after a few detours we were back on track. Part 11 of the Westweg ends in Degerfelden, but our hotel was in Rheinfelden - Herten. The last part to the hotel takes much, much longer as expected. When we reached our goal we were really tired - at last our today's tour was over 35 kilomenter (with detours).

Stage Twelf

The goal of the last part was Basel, Switzerland. This tour was about 15 kilometers, followed by a 11 kilometer sightseeing trip through Old Town of Basel with its wonderful town hall. In the evening we went back by train to our hotel in Rheinfelden-Herten.

On Friday we took the train to Beugen to hike back to Hasel, where we placed our car two days ago. Near Nordschwaben we were back on the Westweg and followed it till Hasel.

Westweg Part 10

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Sunday, 27. August 2017
Vitruvia Mountain Tour 2017

This year the base camp of the Vitruvia Mountain Tour was the Lagant Hotel in Brand, Montafon (Austria). Cordula and I arrives on Monday at the hotel because Cordula had a meeting with former colleaques in the Hunsrück.

My first tour on Tuesday was the tour to the Oberzalim hut. One part of this tour is only for experienced hikers but the rest is easy.

The goal for Wednesday is the Mondspitze (1967 m or 6600 ft). You have a wonderful panorama on ths mountain and you can see till the Lake of Constance from it.

On Thursday the tour starts at the Douglas Hut at the Lünersee. At Gafalljoch we pass the border to Switzerland. We follow the Prättigauer Höhenweg and come back to Austria at Gamsluggen (2380 m or 7800 ft). Over Totalp Hut we go back to Douglas Hut.

On Friday we start again at Douglas Hut. First stop is at Totalp Hut before we continue the tour to Schesaplane, with 2965 m (9700 ft) the highest mountain this week.

On Saturday we go back home. It was a sunny week with much fun and nice hikes.

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Monday, 2. January 2017
Happy New Year 2017
"We spend January 1st walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives... not looking for flaws, but for potential."
(Ellen Goodman)

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Monday, 3. October 2016
Westweg Part 10
Because I had some days of vacation left and the weather was fine we decided to continue the Westweg last week. We started in Todtmoos and followed the sign of the Westweg (see Westweg Part 10). Before we reach Hasel (our goal for the first day) we passed a wind park (Windpark Rohrenkopf) which was still under construction.

In the evening we reach Hasel, where we stay overnight. The next day we decided to go back to Todtmoos because the public transportation in the area of the Black Forrest was not a real alternative to come back to our car. Fortunately we had a sunny day as yesterday - a perfect day for hiking.

Westweg Part 7 till 9

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Sunday, 11. September 2016
Vitruvia Mountain Tour 2016 (Sat) of the participants go home today and there is only a small group left which starts the tour to the Pizzo Tresero (3594m or 11800ft). We go by car to the Refugio Berni, where we start. The way to the top is difficult and tiring. On the last few meter to the Bivacco Seveso (3420m or 11200ft) there is not really a path and I was happy to reach the hut.

From there it is a small rigde which led to the Pizzo Tresero. But you shouldn't walk on it without climbing equipement, so we go back to the valley. With 7 hours it is the longest tour of the week.

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Saturday, 10. September 2016
Vitruvia Mountain Tour 2016 (Fri) starting point for today is again the parket place at Rifugio Forni. The first goal on our tour is the Rifugio Pizzino. After a break we continue to the Passo di Zebru nord (3000m or 9800ft).

On the way back we pass again the Rifugio Forni but decide to continue on a slightly different path.

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Friday, 9. September 2016
Vitruvia Mountain Tour 2016 (Thu)
We go by car to the Refugio Forni, which is the starting point for our tour today. The first stop is a wonderful lake in 2800m or 9100 ft (Lago della Manzina).
On the way forward to the Monta Confinale we had problem to find a way up the the Bivacco del Piero - the first group found a way, the 2nd group gave up and went back to the lake to wait on the other group.

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Thursday, 8. September 2016
Vitruvia Mountain Tour 2016 (Wed) we took the same cable car as yesterday, but took the tour to the Monte Sobretta, a mountain of a height of 3200m (10,500 ft). We were a group of 17 people and the break on top of the mountain was long enought to get a sunburn.

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Wednesday, 7. September 2016
Vitruvia Mountain Tour 2016 (Tue) the 2nd day (Thursday) we took the cable car to the top station Sombretta (2751m). The tour for today is planned for 2 1/2 hours and not stressful but there are some passages with a steep downhill.

At about 1:00 PM we reach the hut at the top station and had a break. After lunch most of the group go back to Santa Catarina by cable car, some went downhill.

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Tuesday, 6. September 2016
Vitruvia Mountain Tour 2016
2016-08-Vitruven-BergtourIn the last week of August we hike together with friends of the Vitruvia in the Italian Alps. We were over 30 people from 8 to eighties, divided in 2 till 3 groups for the different hiking tours.
The first day we took the small tour around Santa Catarina. On the way up to the ristorante "Paradiso" a group of 20 downhill bikers crossed our way. And these were not the only biker we saw at this day (and week).

On the way back to the valley we saw also some donkeys which is not unusual for this area. It was a nice first tour for the first day of the week.

next day: Tuesday

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Sunday, 19. June 2016
The End of the World
On our vacation in the Algarve (Portugal) we visited also Cape Saint Vincent, the most south western part of Europe, also known as the end of the world. You can find there impressive cliffs, a lighthouse and the last bratwurst stand before America.

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Friday, 1. January 2016
Happy New Year 2016
“New Year’s Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.”
(Mark Twain)

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Wednesday, 23. December 2015
Happy Christmas
It's true, Christmas can feel like a lot of work, particularly for mothers. But when you look back on all the Christmases in your life, you'll find you've created family traditions and lasting memories. Those memories, good and bad, are really what help to keep a family together over the long haul.

(Caroline Kennedy)

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Saturday, 13. June 2015
Westweg Part 7 till 9

Stage Seven

Three years ago we started the Black Forest Trail in Pforzheim with stage 1 till 3. This week we continue the "Westweg" with stage 7 and started our hike at Wilhemshöhe, near Schonach. The weather was a little bit misty, but dry. And the whole trail we meet only one pair of hikers. We pass several upland moors and after 34 km we reach our goal at Thurner. We stay over night in an old farm which was run by an 80-year-old and very nice woman.

Stage Eight

Next day the weather was sunny - till Titisee. We took a break at the lake and watched the tourists from different parts of the world. When we continued our hike you could see the first clouds over the mountains. Half an hour later it was raining cats and dogs. We stopped at a cafe at the camping place and waited for the end of the rain. At Bärental there is a railway station and we decided to go back to Freiburg to our son - just before it started raining again.

Stage Nine

Next day the weather forecast promised sun till the late afternoon. So we decided to go back to Bärental to start the next stage. We pass the Feldberg (the highest mountain of the Black Forest) and climb on top of the Herzogenhorn (1415m). The trip today was an up and down (9400m up, 9300 down) through the forest. Althoug the sky was getting dark we continued the trail because we had no chance to call Manuel (no net). On a higher place where we had reception we call him but we had till 4 km to walk to reach the next road. At Weißenbachsattel near Todtmoos we waited on him with a Black Forest cake at a restaurant.

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